CSS Autocompletion on Vim

No plugins needed!


If you have to deal with CSS and you’re not a CSS ninja, you’ll probably forget many of the syntaxes you might need to use.

Most of the modern code editors comes with CSS autocompletion out of the box, it’s a handy feature that saves you a lot of time and prevent errors. When you move to vim you may think that you’ll loose a couple of candies that those editors provides… but…

Don’t underestimate vim!

Vim itself provides full support to CSS autocompletion, and it includes syntax for modern features like CSS grid. You don’t need to install any plugin manager or 3rd party plugins. You just need to set it on your .vimrc file.

How to:

  1. Open your .vimrc file.
  2. Add the following lines:


  1. Start typing the name you want to look for, press <C-x> (Ctrl + x) and <C-o> (Ctrl + o), and there it is! Simple!


Autocomplete with CSS names you created (IDs, classes, etc)

Vim provides the native command <C-n> (Ctrl + n) for autocompletion based on words existing in all opened files (buffers). No .vimrc setup needed!

You start typing the word, hit <C-n> (Ctrl + n), and it gives back the matches found in all files.


You’ll notice that vim doesn’t consider special characters as part of the word and you must autocomplete twice if you have a name separated by a dash.

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