Practical tips and tricks about the system / software engineering craft.

All Drops brings a human friendly approach to some technical topics and tools present on the system/software engineering field. It aims to help people to get going quickly and to feel confident to dive deeper.

This site came to life after change it’s content policies, hiding some of it’s contents to non paid memberships.

All Drops is committed to:

  • Always present ALL of it’s content for free.
  • Have no ads. The reader desearve to have a pleasant experience with no clutter. Content and opinions presented here will be free from sponsor bias. If the cost of mantaining and creating content to this site becomes a heavy burden, it may be considered to ask readers for donations/patreon/etc…
  • Respect the reader privacy. A reader will never have to do any login to have access to all of the content on this site. The email subscription is totally optional and it’s only purpose is to know how much of the readers are interested on recieving news from us often, and deliver these readers the ease of getting a quick list of fresh new aritcles on their emails. (You can subscribe with an alias email and fake name). I try to remove any trackers found on the tools and/or embedded content used on this site. This website uses, because it is "…A lightweight, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics…". The analytics feature is being used to help me understand what I am doing right and/or wrong, helping me improve your experience here. If you were able to find anything suspicious, or if you have any tips regarding the privacy of this site, please contact me.

Until this present moment this is a personal blog, but it’s open to more collaborators. If you align with the values described above and feels like collaborating here, please contact me at contact [@] alldrops [.] info.

If you got any value from this blog and you feel like giving back, please consider: Your support helps me pay for Hosting, Domains, and even Coffee. It makes me motivated to keep dedicating some time away from family and friends, to help others in their journey.